New Sky Energy

Carbon Negative Manufacturing Division

Primary Industry: Environment

Organization Type: Product Company

4511 47th Street
Boulder, Colorado
United States

Company Description:

New Sky Energy is a carbon negative manufacturing company that captures and converts CO2 into useful products. Our proprietary capture technology uses salts from industrial or agricultural wastewater and CO2 from air or flue gas to produce carbonates -- safe, stable solids widely used in industry and agriculture. We are entering the Utility Technology Challenge because our technology allows utilities to reduce CO2 emissions and brine or gypsum wastes by combining them into useful products. We can also partner with municipal water treatment facilities by using pre-treated brine wastes as a feedstock. New Sky’s technology is designed so that we can locate our facilities at many different locations (e.g. on-site at a water treatment or power plant).

New Sky’s CO2 capture process is safe, sustainable and cost-effective. First, we convert certain waste salts and water into hydrogen, oxygen, acid, and base (sodium hydroxide). New Sky’s process uses significantly less energy than conventional sodium hydroxide production and results in no toxic chlorine byproduct. Second, New Sky converts base to market-ready carbonates by using ambient CO2 or flue gas. After the CO2 capture step, New Sky’s products are carbon negative.

New Sky’s CO2-negative carbonates can replace conventional fossil carbonates in multibillion-dollar domestic markets. We are in negotiations with industrial consumers of carbonates and generators of waste salts, including glass, plastics, and paper manufacturers and desalination companies. New Sky offers chemically identical products that are low in cost, high in quality, and consume, rather than produce, CO2 in production. New Sky’s business model is to form joint ventures with industrial buyers of carbonates and/or producers of waste salt. We can also partner with utilities and manufacturers to convert their CO2 emissions into valuable products.