Cyber-Rain, Inc.

Primary Industry: Water

Organization Type: Product Company

31225 La Baya Drive
Suite 214
Westlake Village, California
United States

Company Description:

Cyber-Rain is a sprinkler controller with a brain – it uses your PC to check the weather and automatically adjusts watering times. Cyber-Rain saves up to 40% on water bills, qualifies for conservation rebates, is good for the environment, is easy to use and typically pays for itself within a year.

Cyber-Rain serves both the residential and light commercial markets segments of the ~$1.5 billion controller market. It has secured substantial wholesale distribution. It is significantly differentiated from competitors through its ease of use, affordability, lack of monthly fees, robust features and two-way communication.

Cyber-Rain is becoming much more than a smart controller. We believe strongly in providing actionable information to facilitate better decisions -- "You can't manage what you can't measure." Cyber-Rain’s unique 2-way architecture and ZigBee based communication gives it the potential to bring ‘smart grid’ capabilities to water. Controllers can be easily localized and automatically updated with local rates, restrictions and water allocations to deliver actionable information to consumers. For example, Cyber-Rain will be able to tell users how much it is costing them to water their front lawn. Cyber-Rain also centrally tracks landscape water usage and savings that can be used by water authorities to enforce conservation programs and measure their effectiveness.