Algaeventure Systems, Inc.

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Technology Development

13311 Industrial Pkwy
Marysville, Ohio
United States

Company Description:

Algaeventure Systems, Inc. (AVS) is researching and developing unique algal technologies with a primary focus on commercialization of concentration, dewatering, drying and extraction of biomass. These disruptive technologies reduce costs and increase quality in a variety of related processing applications for food, chemicals, wastes, and other industrial segments. The manufacturing of processing equipment and the products that result from these applications have the potential to provide fuels, foods, feeds, and chemicals with byproducts such as purified or desalinated water.

AVS was formed by Univenture, Inc. a successful Marysville, Ohio based business. Through AVS, Univenture was seeking to provide the missing link to commercialize a strong algae industry with their unique manufacturing technologies, engineering and logistics experience, and history of successful product development. Univenture has had a 22-year history of successful commercialization of products and technologies as well as a superior track record of profitability. Univenture grew its sales from approximately $100,000 in its first year of operations to its current annual sales of nearly $20 million.

By utilizing its experience with Univenture in growing a business, the management of AVS believes that it can become a worldwide leader in providing technologies and research capabilities to the renewable energy field. This belief has been affirmed though the receipt of a merit-based grant through the Department of Energy’s ARPA-E program for research and commercialization of our harvesting, dewatering, and drying (HDD) technology. Management believes that AVS will ultimately employ hundreds in Ohio, across various functional job lines including, engineering, research and development and manufacturing.