BreezePlay, LLC

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Product Company

1338 Hundred Oaks Drive
Suite G
Charlotte, North Carolina
United States

Company Description:

BreezePlay™, LLC, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, is an energy management solutions provider serving major utilities and municipal power providers, universities and college campuses, as well as military base installations. BreezePlay’s mission is to provide our clients with unique products and services that engage, educate, and equip them with the tools they need to make informed decisions about how to effectively and efficiently manage their energy consumption.

The state-of-the-art energy management and communications system, the EnviroScape™ EMCS, is the center piece of BreezePlay’s efficiency program. Knowledge is power and the EnviroScape EMCS provides easy-to-understand energy consumption information, powerful analytics, and convenient management tools. For residential customers, The EnviroScape system utilizes a convenient in-wall touch screen panel in the home that allows customers to monitor and manage real-time energy consumption and to adjust thermostats and other connected devices. The EnviroScape system can also be accessed via the on-line Customer Web Portal and with any web-enabled mobile device.

System administrators have the ability to monitor and manage EMCS systems in their markets and collect historic usage. The EnviroScape EMCS is affordable, requires minimal installation, and is compatible with traditional analog power meters, as well as Smart Meter (AMI) technology.

Public relations and efficiency program effectiveness are the foundations of BreezePlay’s unique Green Community Program that partners with clients to unite their customer base in compelling ways that will affect significant efficiency program success. BreezePlay customers make a difference by joining together to save energy and benefit their entire communities.