Ecolyse, Inc.

Primary Industry: Materials/Chemicals

Organization Type: Product Company

3800 Highway 6 South, Suite 218
College Station, Texas
United States

Company Description:

Ecolyse provides products and services to remediate pipeline corrosion and reservoir souring as well as a variety of other bacterial, fungal and algae problems in industrial settings.

Ecolyse derives its name from its mission to provide ecologically sound biological control for industry by causing problem bacteria, fungi or algae to burst, or "lyse". We commit to the principles of green chemistry and practices, and seek to implement more efficient use of contemporary chemical biocides and to develop policies, procedures and new naturally derived products for current users and suppliers.

Ecolyse is developing ecologically safe, non-toxic solutions to the remediation of microbial induced problems in pipes, containers, tanks, pits, reservoirs and more by utilizing bacteriophage, natural bacterial predators. We hope to eventually increase microbial control within industry systems while decreasing industry dependence on biocides that are expensive and disruptive poisons dangerous to all forms of life, in storage, usage and disposal. In contrast Phage are focused and EPA determined to be GRAS (generally regarded as safe).

Ecolyse provides a variety of services that complement their development of biocontrol products such as bacterial consulting investigations, monitoring, testing and training.

Located in College Station, Texas, Ecolyse has a close partnership with Texas A&M University's Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics, the Department of Petroleum Engineering, the Texas Engineering and Experiment Station and the Texas Water Resources Institute.