Expansion Energy LLC

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Technology Development

26 Leroy Avenue
Tarrytown, New York
United States
914 631-6442

Company Description:

Expansion Energy LLC is a New York based developer and licensor of breakthrough technologies designed to substantially improve the way the Energy and Industrial sectors operate. Each of Expansion Energy’s innovations is a truly “game-changing” technology that is substantially different from other technologies in the marketplace. The science of cryogenics is a "common thread" between each of the technologies in our diverse portfolio of intellectual property, which includes innovations in the areas of:

• Utility-scale power storage

• Ultra-high-efficiency power plants (next-generation turbine technology)

• Waste heat energy recovery & conversion

• Next-generation power plant cooling systems

• Small-scale liquefaction of natural gas

• Increased storage & transmission capacity for natural gas pipelines & storage facilities

• Carbon capture & sequestration

• Coal ash management & treatment

Expansion Energy's patented & patent-pending technologies provide licensees/users with opportunities to substantially increase ROI for their Energy and Industrial assets, including:

• Baseload power plants (renewable and conventional)

• Wind, solar and other renewable power plants

• Power storage facilities

• Industrial plants (manufacturing facilities, refineries, etc.)

• Natural gas pipelines & storage facilities

• Stranded natural gas wells

• LNG terminals

• CNG fueling stations

Expansion Energy's primary business model is to license its technologies to other companies or government entities, and to market and deploy these technologies through strategic alliances with established companies operating in the relevant industry segments.