Silicon Solar Solutions

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: R&D/Lab

5421 Chardonnay Ct.
Rogers, Arkansas
United States

Company Description:

Silicon Solar Solutions is developing a materials process for reducing the time, complexity and cost requirements for current silicon based photovoltaic devices. The patented process for creating large grain polysilicon is applicable to thin-film and wafer-based devices. Our technology uses industry standard processing steps and can be used in traditional manufacturing without incurring high retooling costs. The low temperature process is highly automatable and allows solar cells to be produced through a completely inline process with minimal operators. The internal roadmap provides the milestones necessary to get to under $0.95/Wp production using U.S. labor rates.

We are working to establish a pilot plant for small-scale production to demonstrate full performance metrics. The eventual goal is to scale up manufacturing or to license the technology to an established manufacturer who can capitalize on the economies of scale that are already in place.