Energy Rethink, LLC

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Product/Technology Company

201 E. 5th St.
Mansfield, Ohio
United States

Company Description:

Renewable energies, green technology, clean fuels - these are the phrases uttered by nearly every government, business or environmentally aware person. The race for less fossil fuel dependence in the United States has been underway for some time and people are more eager than ever to seek cost-effective alternative energy solutions. To that end, Energy Rethink has been created to facilitate that transition.
Energy Rethink, LLC is a company that seeks to educate, motivate and transition people and their communities into patterns of sustainable renewable energy usage with a for-profit model not dependent upon long term government grants or funding. It will accomplish this mission with the strategic coordination of its core business units to drive market growth. Committed to community involvement and evolvement, Energy Rethink’s team of economic development specialists will turn complexities into opportunity for co-operatives, utilities, and their municipalities. With a special understanding of rural development and agricultural applications, Energy Rethink brings a unique perspective to the renewable energies market for the Ohio agricultural sector, as well as the local agricultural region.
As Federal regulatory targets and additional State demands for alternative energy implementation increase, Ohio and local regional demands for installation will expand rapidly! The need for highly trained, highly customer-focused alternative energy installers will be greater than the current supply. Energy Rethink is prepared to meet these increased demands for installers and installations in four areas: consumer education; professional certification; installation, and manufacturing. Further, Energy Rethink will do this with a for-profit methodology not dependent on long-term government grants or funding, and with innovative methods of finance that will drive both commercial and residential installs. Energy Rethink, LLC is also working with Star Sailor Energy to commercialize the Star Sailor Energy wind system.
Star Sailor Energy’s Wind Power Systems offer power from small wind to commercial and community power with a level of reliability and performance not offered with any other wind turbine. Small units offering 700 watts to 3.0 kW may be stacked to create up to 36kW. Larger units and towers offering 144 kW of power are in development. The unique design allows for urban deployment across unused and wasted space of roof-tops with the ultimate capability of a distributed power in urban wind farms producing megawatts of power.
Presupposing that the utility giants of North American would allow such a thing as distributed energy systems to really take off, developing distributed power networks or electrical and community co-ops would not only decrease cost of electricity over time but increase our national security.
Ultimately, the implications for the intimate relationship between energy and economy must be approached in an intelligent manner. The idea of "good practice" in applying development of new renewable resources to a rationale model for national infrastructures is the most important thing we can do for our economy and our security.
Accessing the communications market (i.e. broadband, mobile, ¬øwhite space¬ø spectrum that will be left behind by TV broadcasters or datacast, Mobile Cloud? and Strata Computing?) creates a natural path to mid-range power.