Ionex Energy Stoarage Systems. Inc.

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Technology Development

525 East Seaside Way
Long Beach, California
United States

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Company Description:

The Ionex BESS-1200 series is a 2 MW-Hour bulk-grid energy storage system, capable of producing 1-MW or 2-MW of continuous AC power, for ¼ to 2 Megawatt-Hours of electric energy. The system includes a high performance, yet cost-effective fully-integrated Li-Ion battery array, and a complete interface to the grid via our ESI AC-DC-AC power electronics and logically controlled by our new ¿Grid-TRONIX¿ ¿SMART-Storage¿ electronics package running over 15 advanced storage ¿apps¿ on a hardened embedded controller. Includes SCADA logger, TCP/IP communications rack, all fully integrated in either a mobile or fixed walk-in 40¿ length secure container on skid or wheeled trailer. Units can be ganged together for greater power ratings and energy density, and integrated with other storage mediums such as CAES, Flow, Hydro, Fuels Cells, and others sources like DC wind & solar.