Mexel USA, LLC

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Product Company

1655 N Fort Myer Drive
Arlington, Virginia
United States

Company Description:

The MEXEL® 432/0 process is based on the simple principle of treating cooling water systems by depositing a protective film at the molecular level on the interior surfaces of pipes and conduits. Used extensively in power plants and cooling systems, the process requires only one short daily injection of biodegradable chemicals at levels that are not lethal but are effective in preventing and remediating biofouling, scaling and corrosion. MEXEL® 432/0 is a more efficient and economical solution that has less impact on the environment than toxic chemicals such as chlorine and other water treatments. Operating efficiencies and improved useful life of cooling system equipment result in reductions in operation and maintenance costs. This increases efficiency and/or electricity output, significantly enhancing "bottom line" financial performance.

Mexel products have been used in dozens of locations in the US in both once-through and recirculating cooling systems. A US nuclear plant will be treating its entire cooling circuit with MEXEL® 432/0 in 2011. For more than 15 years, the process has been used extensively in the Europe and Asia in a variety of applications. These include open and closed circuits, seawater, fresh and brackish water, power plants, industry, ships, desalination plants, and urban heating and cooling. The MEXEL® 432/0 process results in a reduction in the rate of production of greenhouse gases due to efficiency improvements. MEXEL® 432/0 is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the European Union's Integrated Pollution Prevention Control Bureau (IPPC).