Joby Energy

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Product/Technology Company

340 Woodpecker Ridge
Santa Cruz, California
United States

Company Description:

Joby Energy is developing airborne wind turbines to harness the immense and consistent power in high-altitude winds to offer a reliable, low-cost technology for producing renewable energy.

Our airborne wind turbines:
* Produce energy more consistently. Because we operate at higher altitudes, our system produces twice the energy for the same rated power. Consistent winds at higher altitudes allow our system to achieve a net capacity factor of approximately 70% versus 35% for surface-based systems.
* Require lower capital costs. Building our system requires significantly less materials than a surface-based turbine (approximately 1/20), resulting in low capital costs for the given rated power.
* Deliver the most cost-effective renewable energy. Consistent energy production and low capital costs result in energy production cost per kWh lower than all other renewable sources.