Primary Industry: Environment

Organization Type: Product/Technology Company

1080 Oceanview Av #1A
Brooklyn, New York
United States
fax 718 9460128

Company Description:

An initiative group of scientists and engineers created a unique and cost-effective thermo-chemical technology allowing non-air-pollution and non-outside-fuel-consumption gasification of all kinds of solid wastes and their mixtures with dangerous and bio-hazard inclusions with producing plenty very chip electric energy(less then $0.03 per kWh) or fuel.
Now we can prepare and submit for professional evaluation and further realization a project of the industrial prototype plant, which would cost only about $51 million for example non-stop treatment of 100,000 ton municipal waste or coal per year and can produce from 100 to210
MM kWh electricity correspondingly.
This project will finalize and generalize ten-years-long well published efforts and know-how of our group as well as a few groups of collaborating with us specialists from other countries.
We are looking for sponsor-investor and/or Joint-Venture cooperation and/or grant/order support.