Harvest Power, Inc.

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Energy Production - Biofuels/biogas

610 Lincoln Ave.
3rd Floor
Waltham, Massachusetts
United States

Company Description:

Harvests superpowered products and capabilities give us the opportunity to create a new life-cycle for organics. We assist communities with source separation programs, build renewable energy facilities and utilize our best-in-class technologies to produce high-quality compost. We establish a bridge between waste and raw materials to recycle energy, nutrients and organic matter to provide sustainable solutions for communities.

Harvest provides industry leading technologies, project development and product marketing capabilities to extract the maximum value from organic waste through the production of renewable energy in combination with high-quality compost-based soil and mulch products. We partner with compost facilities and waste managers in North America to build, own and operate next-generation organics recycling facilities.
We operate the largest permitted food waste and yard waste compost facility in North America and sell hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of finished compost-based products each year. Our biological based processes use advanced composting technologies, incorporating the latest in process and odor control and high solids anaerobic digestion to produce renewable biogas energy. These processes have been fully tested and implemented at multiple plants around the world.

We also bring significant project equity and finance capital to all of our projects, top-tier talent to engineer, construct and operate the facilities, and proven capability to market the finished compost-based products.