Atrropha LLC

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Product/Technology Company

Bedford, Massachusetts
United States

Company Description:

When biofuel become cold, it begins to solidify rendering any equipment that uses these fuels inoperable. This simple fact will limit the widespread adoption of biofuels for home heating, ground and air transportation at temperatures below 55 F. Atropha and Northeastern University are developing breakthrough technology that transforms plant and algae oil into Green Kero", a biofuel which remains liquid to temperatures as low as 50 below zero enabling the widespread adoption of biofuels in colder climates that exist throughout much of the United States, Canada and northern Europe in winter. Global Products, an East Coast fuel oil distributor, has indicated that they could purchase 24 million gallons of Green Kero" annually for cold weather blending and to meet stringent pollution regulations. Atropha is currently demosntrating the process technology in the laboratory and expects to begin pilot production within 18 months to begin addressing this $75+ billion dollar market opportunity.