Primary Industry: Environment

Organization Type: Engineering/Design/Fab

7 Haeshel st. Caesarea
Caesarea Israel

Company Description:

Emefcy is a startup company based in Caesarea, Israel, developing microbial fuel cells for wastewater treatment. The company has developed the MEGAWATTER" platform: a commercial implementation of Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC) technology for direct electricity or hydrogen generation on a large scale, using wastewater as a fuel. This concept revolutionizes the energy and wastewater sectors by treating water pollutants as a resource.
The treatment of wastewater around the world requires substantial quantities of energy for its regular operation. In the majority of industrial wastewater streams (those with high organic matter and salinity) Emefcy provides treatment solutions where very few cost-effective alternatives exist. No less important is the reduced sludge that results from an MFC process  sludge which otherwise needs to be further treated and ultimately removed at a cost.

The MEGAWATTER" technology produces low cost electricity from the treatment of wastewater (at about $0.10/kWhr) and low cost hydrogen. The process treats wastewater biologically and harvests energy electro-chemically in what is know as a Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC). The main breakthroughs are in the field of development of electrode materials and structures that feature durability, high power output and low cost.

In most cases MFC systems will more than offset the high energy consumption associated with conventional wastewater treatment, but also produce excess energy that can be fed into the grid on a constant base-load basis.