Solar Consulting Services

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Energy Production - Renewables

P.O. Box 392
Colebrook, New Hampshire
United States

Company Description:

Our consulting company is dedicated to the development of tools and resource assessment products related to a wide range of applications, such as:

- Optimal use of solar energy and solar potential optimization through professional resource evaluation at specific sites or on a global scale (for solar thermal applications, electricity production with large-scale concentration solar power plants or distributed consumer PV systems, etc.) One of our main clients in this field is the National Renewable Resource Laboratory (NREL) of Golden, Colorado.

- Reference irradiance spectra for specific purposes (PV cells rating, flat-plate or concentrating PV systems performance prediction, solar heat gain through glazings, UV-induced materials degradation, UV-index prediction, solar-blind pyrometric measurements.)

- Broadband irradiance and illuminance modeling and data analysis for applications in energy production, daylighting, plant growth in greenhouses, etc.

- Analysis of measured radiometric data for improved quality control

- Derivation of atmospheric variables (e.g., turbidity) from radiometric measurements.

Our main goal is to provide assistance to institutions and companies involved in energy engineering by filling the wide gap that exists between atmospheric sciences and engineering applications.