Materials Research Society

Primary Industry: Materials/Chemicals

Organization Type: Non-Profit/Trade/Environmental Org

506 Keystone Drive
Warrendale, Pennsylvania
United States

Company Description:

The Materials Research Society is a not-for-profit association of scientists, researchers and engineers engaged in interdisciplinary basic research on materials of technological importance.

MRS Members span the globe and represent a rich array of research interests across a broad spectrum of professional careers. For example:

MRS membership has grown to over 15,000 and represents over 50 countries around the world.
MRS Members are well-educated and widely respected professionals. In fact, more than 75% hold doctorates in materials science, physics, chemistry, biomaterials and other materials fields.
65% of our Members work in academia, industry, government and private research in the United States; 35% of our membership work outside of the U.S.
25% of our membership are studentsand indicate a healthy future for our Society.