Light Green Advisors

Private Investment Group Division

Primary Industry: Finance/Banking/Insurance

Organization Type: Project Financing/Services

800 Fifth Avenue
Suite 4100
Seattle, Washington
United States

Company Description:

Light Green Advisors (LGA) is a sustainability investment specialist firm was created to answer the question of how to allocate capital in the face of climate change and the increasing impact of environmental factors on companies.

LGA has two primary business lines:
asset management and carbon and energy efficiency finance.

10 years ago, LGA pioneered a multi-sector, best-in-class approach to equity investment. Clients include institutions and families interested in integrating their environmental concern into strategies that benefit from environmental progress.

On the carbon and energy efficiency front, LGA has developed policy guidance for the US Democratic Leadership Council’s Progressive Policy Institute, analyzed carbon projects for energy industry market participants, and is in the process of putting together a new fund to promote energy efficiency investment and secure carbon rights in a cost effective manner.

Investors and energy firms interested in more information about the carbon and energy efficiency activities of LGA can contact firm by email or phone.