Enmetric Systems, Inc.

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Product Company

617 Mountain View Avenue #5
Belmont, California
United States

Company Description:

Enmetric Systems, Inc. has pioneered a unique and complete plug load energy management platform enabling users to monitor and control electrical usage of individual devices in offices, campuses and other commercial and institutional buildings.

The Enmetric system combines real-time information feedback, device-level control, and dynamic demand response.

The Enmetric Enterprise Plug-load Manager is a solution in both energy efficiency and demand response applications. It enables commercial and institutional users to reduce their consumption of electricity on a sustained basis. It also enables user friendly Demand Response programs. In time-of-use pricing environments, Enmetric will lead to even greater savings for consumers by providing enhanced options for load shedding and load shifting.

The unique features of the Enmetric system include:

• Device-level, real-time energy use data

• Control of individual devices, either manually or automatically based on schedules or rules

• Enterprise Management Software providing the users with insight and control on their consumption for each plug load, encouraging long term user engagement

Enmetric’s flexible, rule based approach automates savings throughout the enterprise in order to:

• Identify unnecessary use and reduce base loads

• Manage peak loads to lower Demand Charges

• Control discretionary loads to perform Demand Response

• Stop wasting energy outside of business hours

• Report plug-loads by people, device categories or department, etc.

For more information about Enmetric Systems contact us by email at bd@enmetric.com or by phone at (650) 762-5757.