Energy & Materials Circle, Inc.

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Product/Technology Company

Dr. A. Rokhvarger, 1280 East, 12 Street, # 4C
Brooklyn, New York
United States
Tel: 718-338-8515

Company Description:

Start-up Company seeks for the first sponsor/investor to implement invented and developed engineering system of the thermo-chemical processes to clean City or town with ~ 115,000 residents and local workers and completely utilize municipal solid waste or other carbon content material mixtures with the total thermal efficiency >80%. MSW-TSM system can locate within town district, does not use outside fossil fuel and electric energy and results in: dramatic reduction of air pollution; no ashes; supply to district residents and local companies of electrical energy and/or gas and/or liquid fuel; supply the local companies of other sub-products: a) hot water; b) metal goods; c) building and pavement materials; d) green mass; and e) chemical materials. Each MSW-TCM unit will annually treat about 100,000ton waste, create ~40 new local jobs; eliminate ash dumps. The erection and startup of the typical MSW-TCM unit will cost ~$27 MM plus about $5MM for ancillary equipment noted above results in a total cost of about $32MM. Thus, treating MSW or coal the total annual profit will make the annual pre-tax return on investment to erect one typical MSW-TCM unit consequently equal to ~80%.