NovaThermal Energy

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Project Financing/Services

1500 JFK Boulevard
Suite 200
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

Company Description:

NovaThermal Energy’s energy efficiency technology saves large commercial buildings up to 60% in heating and cooling costs. Our system combines a geothermal heat pump with a patented anti-block filtration device to transfer heat energy directly from wastewater for commercial HVAC applications. While there are multiple heat pump and heat exchanger products in the market, none is able to tap directly into the pre-existing geothermal loop provided by the sewer infrastructure.

Using a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), NovaThermal Energy will finance the systems and enter into 15-year contracts, providing an up to 20% reduction in HVAC costs to building owners (indexed to energy prices and consumption). Direct sales are also appropriate for certain projects. In urban markets, no other product can retrofit large commercial buildings to create such significant HVAC energy cost reductions.

Due to the broad applicability of NovaThermal Energy’s technology, the overall market is substantial. Our target market is commercial buildings over 200,000 sq ft with proximity to large flow sewer lines. These multiple verticals include downtown residential and office, hotels, hospitals, universities and data centers.

NovaThermal Energy, LLC is a Philadelphia-headquartered company founded in 2010 to bring its proven energy efficiency technology to market in the United States. The system has received many national awards in China, where the technology is fully commercialized with the 1 million sq ft Beijing South Olympic Railway station serving as the largest installation to-date. For more information, please contact us at (215) 854-6418 or