Geothermal Anywhere

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Engineering/Design/Fab

Jadranska 41
Bratislava Slovakia
+421 (2) 33014990

Company Description:

Geothermal Anywhere is a high technology company located in Bratislava, Slovakia. We are dedicated to producing geothermal power affordable and accessible for everyone. Anywhere. A revolutionary concept has been created by a proven team of engineers and entrepreneurs armed with a breakthrough design for a deep drilling system that brings radically new opportunities for geothermal energy utilization. Inter-disciplinary approach to the solution exploiting the experience of a military defense segment and unconventional views from beyond and outside of the traditional community resulting in innovative and straightforward view of complex problems. Geothermal Anywhere has filed several patent applications for patents in the deep drilling and material disintegration area. At Geothermal Anywhere we see the geothermal energy as a clean, renewable and real baseload power solution that is being increasingly recognized as the leading alternative energy source for next generations. With initial funding in hands, Geothermal Anywhere came on stage, turning the promise of research into reality.