Mariah Power

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Product/Technology Company

748 S. Meadows Pkwy A-9 #329
Reno, Nevada
United States

Company Description:

Windspire is a propeller-free, vertical axis wind turbine designed for harnessing wind power in urban, suburban and rural
locations. It is 30 feet tall with a two foot radius, sized below typical residential zoning restrictions. Guidelines for
installation sites are generally half an acre of land and relatively windy locations. It is priced at $3,995, half to a third the cost of comparable renewable power options, and can be quickly and easily installed by authorized dealers. Windspire features a
fully integrated, plug n produce design, including a high efficiency generator, integrated inverter, and wireless performance
monitor. It incorporates a slow speed giromill rotor for virtually silent operation and improved safety and durability. It
connects to the household power supply, offsetting electricity use and at times running the electricity meter backwards.
This powerful, sleek and aesthetically pleasing wind power appliance can blend in well with a variety of settings, making
it an ideal renewable energy option for many home and business owners, as well as government entities