Geo-Processors USA, inc.

Primary Industry: Water

Organization Type: Product/Technology Company

PO Box 645
La Canada, California
United States

Company Description:

Geo-Processors USA Inc. ( is a Los Angeles based cleantech company with a business focus on development and supply of innovative technologies for conversion of saline waste streams and air carbon to useful products. Companys platform separation and product recovery technologies are used for addressing waste minimization and footprint reduction needs of energy, mining, municipal water and chemicals industries. Demand for our technology-based environmental solutions is both environmentally and economically driven, and our clients are well spread over USA, Australasia, Africa and Asia.
SAL-PROC is our core technology for sequential or selective recovery of commercial grade salts and chemical byproducts from a wide range saline and alkaline wastewaters. Using closed processing and fluids flow circuits the technology enables exhaustive separation of dissolved solids for zero waste discharge to the environment. Combining with other proprietary processes for solid-liquid-air separation we provide our clients with the following outcomes:
• treatment of produced water from a range of industries for minimizing disposal and comply with regulatory requirements
• capture and storage of air CO2 for avoidance of Greenhouse gas emission, and
• Creation of value through product recovery to offset the cost of waste minimization or CO2 gas abatement.
In essence, by incorporating smart and proven process steps, our technologies provide significant sustainability measures to projects which require significant reductions in the energy usage, footprint and life-cycle costs. These measure for sustainable waste minimization are commonly achieved through the recovery of useful byproducts for offsetting the treatment cost.