PRV Performance

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Product/Technology Company

18990 W 54th Place
Golden, Colorado
United States

Company Description:

PRV Performance is seeking major automakers and Venture Capital partners to advance a patented fuel induction system from the prototype stage into a fully commercial design and support a marketing team to license the device to automakers worldwide. The latest edition of eight prototypes is being driven and tested daily by the inventor.

Pintle-regulated Venturi (PRV) induction, with fuel injection directly at the Venturi throat, effectively mixes fuel and air due to the high velocity and reduced pressure at the vapor-liquid contact region, while pressure is recovered in the expansion section. Fuel vaporization in the confined Venturi volume amplifies air flow into the PRV entrance.

PRV improves fuel economy and increases engine torque by

• reducing engine pumping losses because throttling losses are minimized;
• improving mixing and fuel vaporization before the combustion chamber ensures that all fuel is burned at the optimum piston cycle, i.e., no late burning fuel on the cylinder walls; and
• vaporizing fuel in the confined space of the Venturi, blocked by the pintle, thrusts the air/fuel charge into the engine for improved torque.

Tests results from a Honda Civic revamped with a pintle-regulated Venturi fuel induction system demonstrate a 22% increase in highway fuel economy, a 17% increase in city fuel economy and a 15% increase in torque across the entire rpm range.