Scottish Environmental Technology Network (SETN)

Primary Industry: Environment

Organization Type: Product/Technology Company

John Muir Building, The Kings Buildings
The University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh United Kingdom

Company Description:

The Scottish Environmental Technology Network (SETN) aims to improve the competitiveness of Scottish SMEs in the environmental sector including areas such as contaminated land assessment & remediation, waste management, resource recovery, water and wastewater treatment, sustainable urban drainage systems and environmental management.
SETN was founded and is led by the Contaminated Land Assessment & Remediation Research Centre (CLARRC) based at The University of Edinburgh. However, SETN works with research base groups from around Scotland either through our existing contacts or using INTERFACE. We also work closely with complementary initiatives such as the National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP) in Scotland. SETN aims to create a culture of knowledge transfer and partnership and to assist in building a recognised environmental sector in Scotland.
The interaction between research institutes and industry does not necessarily need to be focused around the generation of new research and ideas. In some cases industry can benefit simply through information and knowledge transfer.
SETN provides services to Scottish SMEs at a level appropriate to their needs in response to members feedback, offering a range of services to improve competitiveness. This means we also engage with key stakeholders such as the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Local Authorities, Scottish Enterprise and larger companies who purchase the services of our members. SETN is funded by the Scottish Government and Scottish Funding Council with additional support from The University of Edinburgh.