WISE Solutions

Primary Industry: Environment

Organization Type: Product/Technology Company

PO BOX 840
Freedom, California
United States

Company Description:

WISE Solutions makes and sells a complete line of ultimate performance biolubricants, cleaners and bioremediation products. These exceptional products resolve toxicity and disposal problems while delivering superior price/performance.

These patented, "green chemistry" products protect the life of equipment, the environment and people, eliminate toxins, and allow users to conserve fossil petroleum for future generations.

WISE patented formulas provide price/performance second to none. Products are derived from renewable, non-GMO agricultural crops, and they perform as well or better than their petrochemical counterparts. WISE products are better for those who handle them and kinder to the environment.

We strive to be the branded world leaders in servicing the growing demand for high-performance, renewable and biodegradable, petroleum replacement solutions.

WISE formulas are based on the relatively new field of green chemistry, defined below. WISE first introduced a line of biodegradable lubricants that outperform and replace petroleum, then followed with a second wave based on a breakthrough, green "colloidal" chemistry.

Definition: Also known as sustainable chemistry or design chemistry, green chemistry is "the design of new products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances,