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cleanConnect Start-up Program

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cleanConnect is a program dedicated to assisting early stage clean technology companies with partnership building, policy resources and information, and navigating finance opportunities. Interested companies may submit into the program here.

Each month, CTSI reviews submissions and notifies companies about the status of their membership. At the most basic level, a company must meet the following criteria in order to be considered:

  1. Develop an energy-related technology
  2. Have revenue under $10M
  3. Be legally incorporated with two or more employees
  4. Be a for-profit organization

CTSI reserves the right to dismiss any company at any time or to refuse any company whose mission, values, and/or actions do not uphold CTSI core values. Further, CTSI will not accept companies whose needs will not be met by the organization. The maximum allowable membership for cleanConnect members is 12 months at which time re-application and review is necessary.

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