Technical Proceedings of the 2014 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Cleantech 2014

Chapter 7: Environmental Monitoring Technologies

  1. Advancements in Microelectronics-Grade Carbon Nanotube Materials for NRAM® Device Manufacture and Analysis of Carbon Nanotube Mass in End User Devices
    J.E. Lamb, S. Gibbons, R. Trichur, Y. Jiang, K. Mangelson, K. Kremer, D. Janzen
    Brewer Science, Inc, US
  2. Assessment by Ames Test and Comet Assay of Toxicity Potential of Polymers Used to Develop a Field Capable Biosensor
    A. Hebert, S. Torosian, K. Gleason
    Food and Drug Adminstration, US
  3. Potential artifacts when evaluating the ecotoxicological effects of nanomaterials
    E.J. Petersen, T.B. Henry, J. Zhao, R.I. MacCuspie, T.L. Kirschling, B. Xing, M.A. Dobrovolskaia, V. Hackley, J.C. White
    National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
  4. Real-time monitoring of pathogens and nanomarkers in water by resonance laser spectroscopy techniques
    T.Yu. Moguilnaya, P.V. Bobkov, V.A. Tomilin, E.B. Kononenko
  5. Resistance and Potentiostatic Based Measurements of an Antibody Functionalized Conductive Polymer Coated Textile as a Biosensor
    A. Bandremer, A. Hebert, S.D. Torosian, D. Battacharyya, K. Gleason, S.K. McGraw, A. Senecal, P. Marek
    Food and Drug Administration, US
  6. Electrochemical Detection of Alcohol using Enzyme Sensor with Chromatography Paper and its Potential Application as halal Sensor
    M.S. Musa, T. Kuretake, Y. Harada, F. Hori and S. Uno
    Ritsumeikan University, JP

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