Technical Proceedings of the 2014 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Cleantech 2014

Chapter 2: Solar Power Technologies

  1. Solar Energy Conversion using a Broad Band Coherent Concentrator with Antenna-Coupled Rectifiers
    P. Bodan
    AMI Research and Development, US
  2. Preparation of ZnO Nanowires for Solar Cells Aplicattion
    S.L. Fernandes, M.A. Zaghete, C.F.O. Graeff, J.A. Varella, E. Longo
    UNESP, Universidade Estadual Paulista, BR
  3. Nanotechnology Enabled Photovoltaics and Electronics for High-Power-Density Energy Systems
    T.C. Smith, S.E. Lyshevski
    Rochester Institute of Technology, US
  4. Intense Pulsed Light Processing of Semiconductors for Photovoltaics
    T. Druffel, R. Dharmadasa
    University of Louisville, US
  5. Periodic and Psuedo-Random Back-Reflector Nanoparticle Enhanced Light-Trapping in a Silicon Photovoltaic
    S. Shepard, L. Patel, F. Rubaiat
    Louisiana Tech University, US
  6. Improved Nanophotonics Simulation Tools for Light-Trapping in Photovoltaics
    S. Shepard and F. Rubaiat
    Louisiana Tech University, US
  7. c-SI Wafer Development: A New Approach to Reduce Costs and Drive Efficiency
    S. Zehavi
    Rockpoint PR, US
  8. Application possibility of Parabolic Through Solar Thermal Power Plant technology in North Cyprus
    N. Cabacaba, M. Dağbaşı
    Cabacaba Yenilenebilir Enerji Sistemleri, CY
  9. Low-cost Transmission, Storage, and Integration for Renewable-source Energy: Hydrogen and Ammonia C-free Fuel Systems with Underground Pipelines, Salt Caverns, and Liquid NH3 Tanks
    B. Leighty
    The Leighty Foundation, US
  10. Fabrication of Infrared Energy Harvester Using Electrically Small Particles
    M.R. AlShareef, B. Cui, O. Ramahi
    University of Waterloo, CA
  11. Synthesis of Visible light Nanocomposites for H2 Production
    A.M. Hussein, R.V. Shende
    South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, US
  12. Synthesis of Novel Functionalized-Graphene/Quantum Dots Hybrid System for Solar Cells Application
    S.S. Babkair, M.T. Khan, A. Azam
    kau, SA
  13. Theoretical modelling of nanofluids for heat transfer
    T.G. Myers
    Centre de Recerca, ES
  14. Solar Energy System Prototype with a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
    A.A. Abdelmoaty, A. Helmy, A.A. Rezk, Y. Ismail
    The American University in Cairo, EG

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