Technical Proceedings of the 2013 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Cleantech 2013

Chapter 10: Novel Generation & Grid

J. Jung
Greensmith Energy Management Systems, US
415 - 416
distributed computing, network control, fleet management, energy storage systems, remote management, distributed generation
Greensmith Energy Management System’s control architecture relies on two principles to create the most resilient and rapid control system available today. First, Greensmith builds a distributed network with localized intelligence at the unit level; such that each unit may independently operate based on local load and generation conditions. Second, Greensmith networks those in-unit computing devices over an internet or intra-net network connection to create peer groups with cloud-based network control. This architecture enables end-users to take real-time control of a system or group of systems for applications such as frequency regulation, while minimizing minute to minute reliance on grid operators and network controls. In addition, this combination of a distributed and centralized approach enables remote firmware and software updates on units in the field, as well as collection and upload of of extremely granular data (every 1.5 seconds) in larger data packets. This fully programmable control system is also highly flexible in terms of end-user inputs, with the ability to intake a wide variety of local data including smart meters, building management systems, AGC signals, microgrid software information, and other industrial load information to tailor local operations for each individual customer site.
Distributed Energy Storage Network Control