Technical Proceedings of the 2013 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Cleantech 2013

Chapter 10: Novel Generation & Grid

M. Starke, D. Letto, N. Alkadi, R. George, B. Johnson, K. Dowling, S. Khan
ENBALA Power Networks, CA
442 - 445
industrial loads, demand-side load energy management services, load as a resource
With the adoption and integration of renewable resources that are often intermittent in nature, there appears to be an increased need for ancillary services and flexible resources to improve the reliability and efficiency of the electric power system. Demand-side load response can participate in ancillary service applications that provide real-time balancing services to the grid. This paper characterizes and examines the potential loads in industry that are capable of providing demand-side solutions to grid operators. It will highlight the top 30 industries in the United States that have flexibility to provide demand-side ancillary services to the electric power system and describe the methodology and results of a study performed to develop an estimate on the ancillary service demand response potential for industrial load.
Demand-Side Response from Industrial Loads