Technical Proceedings of the 2011 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2011

Chapter 4: Energy Storage & Novel Generation

S.Y. Berkovich
The George Washington University, US
212 - 215
clean energy, quantum nonlocality, parametric resonance, biological motility
A novel principle for generation of clean and abundant energy is presented [1]. The required ability to move matter comes from a new source: clocking mechanism of: Universe’s nonlocality. The phenomenon of nonlocality – instantaneous nonsignaling correlations of separated objects – is beyond the worldview paradigm of modern science, especially, the teleportation of motion. Our model of the holographic Universe naturally brings into being the nonlocality operations in all forms. Parametric resonance as a general robust instrument can be effectual basically for any physical process. Hence, the suggested creation of energy by Parametric Resonance In Motion Entanglement (PRIME) through the so-called hot-clocking effect at triggering frequency of about 1011 Hz is feasible. Employing macromolecule polymers, the surmised construction imitates the biochemical functionality of muscles in living objects combining control and actuation. Figuratively speaking, the PRIME energy is extracted from the quantum computer of the nonlocal Universe through an “USB port” – a multiplex channel for information and energy. 1. Simon Berkovich, “Method for generating clean energy by parametric resonance through hot-clocking effect in quantum nonlocality”, Patent disclosure: GWU 011-0005-Berkovich, 09/21/2010 Provisional application filed on 01/06/2011, serial no. 61/430,236
Generation of clean energy by applying parametric resonance to quantum nonlocality clocking