Technical Proceedings of the 2011 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2011

Chapter 1: Renewable Energy Technologies

  1. Mobile Wave Energy Harvesting System
    A. Sharon, J. Briggs, H. Wirz
    Boston University - Fraunhofer CMI, US
  2. Offshore Wave and Wind Together - Afloat
    N.A. Brown
    Float Incorporated, US
  3. Offshore Renewable Resources – Improving the Cost-of-Energy
    S. Roznitsky
    HighSeasWind, US
  4. Process-Fluid-Lubricated Polycrystalline Diamond Bearings for application in Marine Hydrokinetic Machines
    T.N. Sexton, C.H. Cooley
    US Synthetic Corp., US
  5. High-Power-Density Miniscale Renewable Energy Systems
    S.E. Lyshevski
    Rochester Institute of Technology, US
  6. Wind Mechanical Engineering: Energy for Water Pumping in Rural Areas in Sudan
    A.M. Omer
    Energy Research Institute, UK
  7. Expermental Study of CH4/H2 Mixtures in Internal Combustion Engines
    N. Kahraman, B. Albayrak Çeper, S.O. Akansu, M. Bayrak
    Erciyes University, TR
  8. A Smarter Grid enables Communal MicroGrids
    T. Mohn
    General MicroGrids, Inc, US
  9. Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines for Powering Cellular Communication Towers
    B.D. Plourde, J.P. Abraham, G.S. Mowry
    University of St. Thomas, US

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