Technical Proceedings of the 2010 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2010

Chapter 8: Sustainable Cities, Communities & Best Practices

T. Auricchio, P. Rankhambe, K. Sharma
Nectar Partners, US
411 - 414
sustainable region, clean tech, economic development, infrastructure
A Clean Tech Economy poster demonstrates the visual impact of economic development efforts to build and grow a clean tech economy in Central Upstate New York, also known as the Creative Core Region. Recently recognized as one of the Top Ten World Wide Tech Clusters by The Clean Tech Group, it possesses some of the country’s worst pollution and economic challenges. The region has faced these issues, taken stock of it’s resources and embarked on a determined path to revitalize the area by leveraging it’s natural assets, knowledge centers and human capital in nanotechnology, microtechnology, and biotechnology. In 1996 one of the many local economic development groups began to sponsor environmental development issues in partnership with government representatives and agencies. Support facilities sprung up, scientific groups and private industry began to collaborate and the trend continued to 2006, when a multidisciplinary group called “The Green Team” commissioned a market study for feasibility of green and clean tech development, using the many local assets, including 578,000 acres of land supporting biomass developments, the largest wind farm east of the Mississippi River, and numerous hydro power plants. Additional assets include 38 colleges and universities, $2 billion in annual funded R&D and a green landscape that was positioned to support clean energy production.
Central New York State (the Creative Core), mapping the geographic and networking activities of a Sustainable Region