Technical Proceedings of the 2009 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2009

Chapter 8: Green Building and Construction

O. Attmann
University of Colorado at Denver, US
322 - 324
architecture, clean technology, prototype
This paper presents an overview of clean building technologies, their use in architecture, and introduces an ongoing research project about the development of a green-wall system incorporating these technologies. In our research project, we introduce the development of green hybrid technologies that eliminates the traditional insulation materials, and reduces the heat loss by 70% with a very low energy and minimal CO2 emission. This innovative system has the potential to change the design and function of the architectural enclosure systems and living environments. The resulting prototype will be used as an independent enclosure system and incorporate emerging technologies in visual display and lighting, energy collection and energy-retention. Flexible sheets supporting these technologies are printed out and pressed together and/or laminated against a structural support to form the green wall element. The prototype is designed based on three important tenets: (1) Green-energy wall system, (2) Low-energy printable electronics and (2) Unified surface element with multi-visual properties. The scope of this research is highly multi-disciplinary, and lays the fundamental groundwork for a new paradigm in green-architecture that may be of considerable significance in architectural engineering, construction industry, materials science, and entertainment industry. We believe that this approach can be an important step towards clean building technologies and Zero-energy architecture.
Clean Building Technologies in Architecture