Technical Proceedings of the 2009 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2009

Chapter 11: Clean and Sustainable Initatives and Communities

T. Smith, R. Lord
Osha Liang LLP, US
355 - 358
intellectual property, IP, patent, domestic, international
New advances in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and emission control/reduction, and other clean technologies are constantly evolving. Further, the demand for these technologies continues to increase, both through public awareness and government mandates. As the demand for these technologies grows, protecting intellectual property (IP) rights and developing an intellectual property strategy will be essential to continued growth. To complicate matters, IP law and procedure is constantly evolving. While the presentation will provide a brief introduction into the various types of IP, the patent process, and recent developments in IP law and procedure, the presentation will focus on explaining the importance of extracting more value from intellectual property by understanding what forms of protection are available, developing a strategy related to the IP, and executing on that strategy to grow the technology and the business. The presentation will draw on experience, combining vast commercial expertise in energy markets, renewable commodity markets, and renewable project development with a strong history of prosecuting and defending the IP rights of innovative companies worldwide. Leveraging knowledge and experience in these areas will allow the audience to better appreciate the significance of how IP rights can improve business prospects and lead to future growth.
Strategically Securing and Protecting Intellectual Property in the Renewable and Emission Technology Space