Technical Proceedings of the 2008 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2008

Chapter 6: Green Chemistry & Sustainable Industry Practices

Z. Zhou, Z. Wu, M. Fransson, B. Zhou
Headwaters Technology Innovation LLC, US
425 - 428
Mg(OH)2, nanoparticle, flame retardant
Headwaters Technology Innovation (HTI) has applied aqueous colloidal chemistry with great success in the development of “bottom-up” nanomaterials and nanotechnologies. One such material is a nano-scaled magnesium hydroxide, NxCat® Mg(OH)2, which is primarily used as a flame retardant additive. In the past halogenated flame retardants were commonly used, but has been phased out by tighter restriction on the use of Green-house-gases. The new environmentally friendly Mg(OH)2 has been used as alternative. However, up to 60% loading has to be used due to the low efficiency of the micro-size Mg(OH)2, which impair the mechanical performance of plastic. In order to maximize the water release and flame extinguishing effect, HTIG’s manufacturing process allows for very small crystallites to form (~3 nm) and gives elaborately modified surface properties, leading to both a superior surface area and dispersion in the polymer/composite materials.
Nanoscaled Mg(OH)2 Used as Flame Retardant Additive