Technical Proceedings of the 2008 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2008

Chapter 6: Green Chemistry & Sustainable Industry Practices

  1. Clean Hydrogen Peroxide Synthesis via a Nanocatalyst Process
    B. Zhou
    Headwaters Technology Innovation, US
  2. Low-Energy, Solventless Coating Processes
    H.P. Lewis
    GVD Corporation, US
  3. Biodegradable polymers from whey
    L.S. Serafim, P.C. Lemos, M.A. Prieto, M.A.M. Reis
  4. UV Coatings Deliver Best Economic Value Statement
    M. Kelly, D. Sweetwood
    Allied Photo Chemical, US
  5. Environmentally Sound Photoreactive Cleaning: A Product and Technology Overview
    D.J. Elliott, V.M. Chaplick
    UVTech Systems, US
  6. Benefits of Compact Electron Beam Adoption in Industrial Processes: Case Studies on Energy and Water Savings and Reduced Pollution Output and Chemical Use
    M. Tyson, M. Rutherford, A. Testoni, J. Epstein
    Advanced Electron Beams, Inc., US
  7. Sustainability in the Polymer Industry
    J.D. Hensel, R.A. Schwarz, C.W. Grispin
    Polyflow Corporation, US
  8. Engineering of efficient biocatalysts using nanostructured mesoporous silicate carriers
    K. Szymanska, J. Bryjak, A.B. Jarzebski
    Institute of Chemical Engineering, Polish Academy of Science, PL
  9. A Portable Raman Sensor for the Rapid Identification of the Olive Oil
    X. Qi, X. Zhang, M. Zou, Y. Chen, J. Ye
    Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine, CN
  10. Sensor for real-time monitoring of food degradation
    N. Ibrisimovic, M. Bauer, F. Pittner
    University Vienna, AT
  11. Environmental and Economic Assessment of Nano-Fabrication Processes of Memory Devices
    L. Dahlben, J.A. Isaacs
    Northeastern University, US
  12. Nanofiltration of Electrolyte Solutions by Sub-2nm Carbon Nanotube Membranes
    F. Fornasiero, H.G. Park, J.K. Holt, M. Stadermann, S. Kim, J.B. In, C.P. Grigoropoulos, A. Noy, O. Bakajin
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US
  13. New nanostructured cellulose materials
    E. Vismara, G. Gastaldi, L. Melone, C. Cosentino, G. Torri
    Politecnico di Milano, IT
  14. Photocatalytic Activity Assessment of Some Transition Metal Doped
    M. Popa, L. Baia, C. Ghica, V. Cosoveanu, M. Baia, V. Danciu
    Babes-Bolyai University, RO
  15. Disinfection of Cryptosporidium Parvum Oocysts in Water using Ultrasonic Treatment
    M.E. Olvera, K. Ilangovan
    Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, MX
  16. Effects-Based Risk Assessment of Emerging and Existing Nanomaterials
    S. Chan-Remillard, L. Kapustka, S. Goudey
    Golder Associates Ltd. & HydroQual Laboratories Ltd., CA
  17. Nanomaterials down the drain: perception and reality
    K. Sellers, L.L. Bergeson
    AMEC, US
  18. Nanosize Iron Oxide for CO Oxidation
    Z. Wu, M. Fransson, B. Zhou
    Headwaters Technology Innovations LLC, US
  19. New Type of High Sensitive Detection of Particles Based on DeFET
    M.F. Ibrahim, F. Elsayed, Y.H. Ghallab, W. Badawy
    University of Calgary, CA
  20. Palladium/Polymer nanocomposite based Chemiresistive SO2 Sensor
    D. Meka, V. Onbattuvelli, S. Atre, S. Prasad
    portland state University, US
  21. Structure-property relationships in Pd/Polycarbonate based chemical sensors
    S.V. Atre, O.P. Valmikanathan, D.B. Meka, S. Prasad
    Oregon Nanoscience & Microtechnologies Institute, US
  22. Self-Assembly of Polymers and NanoParticles in Personal Care Products
    M.C. Berg, N.A. Suddaby, D. Soane
    Soane Labs, US
  23. Towards Nanoscaled Systems: New Dispersing Technologies
    L. Fischer, S. Scheid, C. Thomas
    Serendip AG, CH
  24. Nanoscaled Mg(OH)2 Used as Flame Retardant Additive
    Z. Zhou, Z. Wu, M. Fransson, B. Zhou
    Headwaters Technology Innovation LLC, US
  25. NanoZeolites - porous nanomaterials for cleantech, encapsulation and triggered release applications
    W. Daniell, J. Sauer, A. Kohl
    NanoScape AG, DE
  26. Lithium selective adsorption on low-dimensional TiO2 nanoribbons
    Q-H Zhang, S-P Li, S-Y Sun, X-S Yin, J-G Yu
    East China University of Science and Technology, CN

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