Technical Proceedings of the 2008 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2008

Chapter 4: Smart Grid, Transmission, Policy

C. Michael Ming
Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America, US
238 - 241
natural gas, unconvetional gas, low carbon
Among energy sources, clean burning natural gas is uniquely positioned to serve not only as a low carbon bridge to a new clean and sustainable energy future but to also be a part of that sustainable future. With production from new and abundant domestic resources, to consumption where natural gas is the most diverse fuel available today, the unequaled upstream and downstream efficiency potential in areas such as combined cycle generation, distributed generation, combined heat and power and co-generation, all enhanced by its low carbon intensity and criteria pollutants, domestic natural gas is a viable component of a long term clean energy portfolio at scale. Continued development of both technology and intellectual capital is critical to perpetuate this practical and environmentally friendly energy source which currently provides approximately 20% of U.S. energy supply.
Natural Gas - A Bridge and a Destination