Technical Proceedings of the 2008 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2008

Chapter 3: Green Buildings & Construction

A.A. Valerio, A. Molina, C.A. Cambero, A. Zarate
Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) campus Monterrey, MX
205 - 208
social-interest green housing, rapid product realization methodology, developing economy housing
In this paper we share our experiences in the methodological design of a solar house focused in the Social-Interest Market. The methodology exposed here, was developed by the ITESM campus Monterrey, and is a particularization of a general model proposed by Molina et al (2007). This particularization has the purpose of allowing the rapid detection of housing needs in developing markets and their covertures with emergent green building technologies and was instantiated in the design of a green house in Mexico. One of the main achievements is the generation of a reference framework for the Green Building Designer who wants to explore this market. This methodology includes the needs covertures identification, the evaluation methodology of feasible green building technology solutions and the rapid green building realization methodology including the determination of the solar geometry, the architectural bioclimatic and solar passive design, the comfort analysis, the electric and thermal power supply and the hydraulic and sanitary system.
Social-Interest Green House Design based in Rapid Product Realization Methodology – Case Study Solar Green House ITESM