Technical Proceedings of the 2008 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2008

Chapter 3: Green Buildings & Construction

H. Giles
University of Michigan, US
189 - 192
facades, materials, biocomposites, polymers, sustainability, buildings, windows
SITumbra is a multi-use transparent structural window system made from a customizable fixed inner structural grid compositely connected to outer transparent window materials. It can be configured to meet multiple material and design specifications and reduce maximum heating and cooling demands based on building location and orientation. SITumbra is expected to perform highly in the market place because of its unique product characteristics, infinite opportunities for product variations, and its applicability as a desirable alternative to many standard products, specifically green building development applications. Ongoing full scale prototype thermal testing has been conducted resulting in energy efficiencies between 25% (summer) and 50% (winter), compared to an aluminum framed low e double glazed window system. The significance for Cleantech is that the product is targeting windows as a major component of the primary life cycle energy use phase in buildings. SITumbra is set to revolutionize the $33.7 billion window systems market, since its energy efficiency is uniquely derived from being a passive mediator of heat flow through all seasons. The product technology is therefore uniquely placed to sustainably complete with any kind of existing window system in the future.
SITumbra – Energy Efficient Structurally Integrated Transparent Shaded Façade System