Technical Proceedings of the 2008 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2008

Chapter 2: Renewables: Photovoltaics, Wind & Geothermal

R. Hicks
PV Powered Inc., US
76 - 78
meter, inverter, solar, integrated, photovoltaic, pv powered, performance, data monitoring, service, pmrs, installers, meter system, web-based, internet based, on-line meter
PVPowered has developed a low-cost, reliable and accurate inverter-integrated solar power meter system that is able to collect, process and present information that helps system owners monitor and evaluate the performance of their photovoltaic power systems. With this system, end users have easy access to data through an internet based interface that allows the continuous tracking and analysis of trends to quickly spot performance issues and improve the effectiveness of maintenance efforts. Through administration and installer pages it is possible for service providers and other stakeholders to help users monitor and evaluate their system operation and have the chance to provide the appropriate repair and maintenance support that is necessary to maximize energy harvest over the full life of the installation.
Internet Based Inverter-Integrated Solar Power Meter System