Technical Proceedings of the 2007 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2007

Chapter 8: Nanoparticle Processes & Applications

  1. Nanoparticles Formed by Complexation of Poly-gamma-glutamic Acid with Lead Ions
    M. Bodnar, A-L Kjoniksen, J.F. Hartmann, L. Daróczi, B. Nystrom and J. Borbely
    University of Debrecen, HU
  2. Nano hetero nuclear fuel structure
    L. Popa-Simil
    LAVM, Inc., US
  3. Development of a novel material for reversible hydrogen storage
    E. Titus, M.C. Coelho, G. Cabral, J.C. Madaleno, T. Shokuhfar and J. Gracio
    University of Aveiro, PT
  4. Active Coatings Technologies for Customized Military Coating Systems
    J.L. Zunino III
    U.S. Army ARDEC, US
  5. Design and Manufacturing Concepts of Nanoparticle-reinforced Aerospace Materials
    M.V. Kireitseu, G.R. Tomlinson and V. Basenuk
    Rolls-Royce Centre in Damping, the University of Sheffield, UK
  6. Titanium Dioxide Nanostructured Coatings: Application in Photocatalysis and Sensors
    J.A. Byrne, J.W.J. Hamilton, T.A. McMurray, P.S.M. Dunlop, V.J.A. Donaldson, J. Rankin, G. Dale and D. Al Rousan
    University of Ulster, UK
  7. CNT Composites for Aerospace Applications
    S. Bellucci, C. Balasubramanian, P. Borin, F. Micciulla and G. Rinaldi
    INFN-Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, IT
  8. Advancements in the Supercritical Water Hydrothermal Synthesis (scWHS) of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
    E. Lester, P. Blood, J. Li and M. Poliakoff
    University of Nottingham, GB
  9. Monometallic nano-catalysts for the reduction of perchlorate in water
    D.M. Wang, H.Y. Lin and C.P. Huang
    University of Delaware, US
  10. Functionalized Nanoporous Ceramic Sorbents for Removal of Mercury and Other Contaminants
    S.V. Mattigod, G.E. Fryxell, R. Skaggs and K.E. Parker
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US
  11. Thermostability of TiO2 nanoparticle and its Photocatalytic Reactivity at Different Anatase/Rutile Ratio
    Y-H Tseng, H-Y Lin, C-S Kuo, Y-Y Li and C-P Huang
    Industrial Technology Research Institute, TW
  12. Destruction of Organophosphate Agents by Recyclable Catalytic Magnetic Nanoparticles
    L. Bromberg and T.A. Hatton
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
  13. Enhancement of Oxygen Transfer in Fermentation by Use of Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles
    B. Olle, L. Bromberg, T.A. Hatton and D.I.C. Wang
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
  14. Nanostructured perovskite-based oxidation catalysts for improved environmental emission control
    P. Seegopaul, M. Bassir, H. Alamdari and A. Van Neste
    Nanox, Inc., CA
  15. Nano-Engineering Of Magnetic Particles For Biocatalysis And Bioseparation
    C.H. Yu, C.C.H. Lo, C.M.Y. Yeung, K. Tam and S.C. Tsang
    University of Reading, UK
  16. Gas Sensor Arrays by Supersonic Cluster Beam Deposition
    E. Barborini, M. Leccardi, G. Bertolini, O. Rorato, M. Franchi, D. Bandiera, M. Gatelli, K. Wegner, A. Raso, A. Garibbo, C. Ducati, P. Piseri and P. Milani
    Tethis S.r.l., IT
  17. Preparation and Characterization of Various Nanofluids
    W.C. Williams, I.C. Bang, E. Forrest, L.W. Hu and J. Buongiorno
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
  18. High performance iPP based nanocomposite for food packaging application
    M. Avella, M.E. Errico and G. Gentile
    Institute of Polymer Chemistry and Technology - CNR, IT
  19. Enlarge the distance of water molecules to incise microorganism cell-the development and application of nano-grade microorganism cell crushing machine
    Y. Hongwen and G. Suge
    Hebei University of Science and Technology, CN
  20. Systematic Approach on Modeling and Identification for Nanobattery Prototyping
    P. Bhattacharya, Z. Ye, E. Walker, F. Lacy and M. Banerjee
    Southern University, US

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