Technical Proceedings of the 2007 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2007

Chapter 4: Enviroment, Health and Society

L. Hannum and S. Pamukcu
Lehigh University, US
144 - 147
electrokinetic remediation, electroosmosis, nano-iron, redox
The influence of direct current electric fields on the possible electrokinetic delivery of a nano-iron slurry in clay for the purpose of fast and effective remediation of soil contaminants has been tested. Nano-iron can be introduced to soil hydraulically in slurry form, but in tight clay soil, delivery of a uniform distribution of the slurry may be difficult to achieve for effective remediation. Additionally, the limited life of the nano-iron particles, previously shown in field studies of being on the order of 4-8 weeks, further emphasizes the need for the nano-iron particles to reach the contaminated site efficiently before the particles oxidize and become ineffective. Electrokinetics is a proven, sustainable technology that can transport liquids and slurries in clay soil at a significantly higher rate than hydraulic methods. This study investigates the electrokinetically enhanced transport of nano-particles for subsurface remediation in tight clay soils where transport time and process efficiency may be an issue.
Aided Transport of Nano-Iron in Clay Soils Using Direct Electric Field