Technical Proceedings of the 2007 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2007

Chapter 2: Energy Applications of Nanotechnology

  1. Evaluation of Nanostructured Polymeric Coatings for Corrosion Protection
    A. Aglan, A. Ludwick and M. Reeves
    Michigan Tech, US
  2. Preparation and Characterization of Nafion/Microporous Titanosilicate Composite Membranes as Ion-Conducting Materials
    S.-Y. Ryu, J.-D. Jeon and S.-Y. Kwak
    Seoul National Univesity, KR
  3. Amorphous Diamond as a Thermionic Material
    J.C. Sung, M-C Kan, T-J Hsiao, Y-T Chen and M. Sung
    KINIK Company, TW
  4. Ultra-short pulsed laser for nano-texturation associated to plasma immersion implantation for 3D shallow doping : Application to silicon photovoltaic
    M. Halbwax, T. Sarnet, Ph. Delaporte, M. Sentis, H. Etienne, F. Torregrosa, V. Vervisch and S. Martinuzzi
    LP3 UMR CNRS 6182, FR
  5. Dye-sensitized solar cell using a TiO2 nanocrystalline film electrode prepared by solution combustion synthesis
    C.M. Wang and S.L. Chungb
    National Cheng Kung University, TW
  6. Synthesis and characterization of a highly cross linked PEGME and PEG for solid electrolyte and its application in dye-sensitized solar cells
    M. Shaheer Akhtar, J-M Chun, H-C Lee, K-J Kim and O-B Yang
    Chnonbuk National University, KR
  7. Nano-Hetero Structure for direct energy conversion
    L. Popa-Simil
    LAVM, Inc., US
  8. Nanotechnology – Disruptive Technologies for Electric Utility Systems. Challenges and Opportunities.
    J. Stringer and R.H. Richman
    Izambard, US
  9. Catching Mr. Big with the Small - 'To Infinitesimal and Beyond"
    I. Eastwood
    Authentix, US
  10. TiN/GaN- Metal/Semiconductor Multilayers for Thermionic Energy Conversion Devices
    V. Rawat and T.D. Sands
    Purdue University, US
  11. Pt and Pt-Ru/Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites Synthesized in Supercritical Fluid as Electrocatalysts for Low-Temperature Fuel Cells
    Y. Lin, X. Cui, J. Wang, C.H. Yen and C.M. Wai
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US
  12. Nanoporous Silicon Membrane Based Micro Fuel Cells for Portable Power Sources Applications
    K-L Chu, M.A. Shannon and R.I. Masel
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US
  13. Novel Electrolyte Membrane for Fuel Cell Utilizing Nano Composite
    K.C. Nguyen, H.V. Nguyen, S.T. Do, T.T. Doan, A.T. Nguyen, T.V. Le and T.N.T. Nguyen
    Saigon Hi Tech Park, VN
  14. Heat Transfer Cost-Effectiveness of Nanofluids
    D. Xu, L. Pan and Q. Yao
    Institute og High Performance Computing, SG

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