Simulation of a Range Extender Power Train for a City Bus

SOFC/ZEBRA® hybrid system

zeolite molecular sieves (ZMS)

Design of a POSS-modified Zeolite Structure and the Study of the Enhancement of Ammonia-nitrogen Removal from Drinking Water


NanoZeolites - porous nanomaterials for cleantech, encapsulation and triggered release applications


Adsorption-Enhanced Compressed Air Energy Storage

zeolitic films

Silica-alumina composite monoliths with a hierarchical pore structure containing the MFI-type zeolitic films

zero emission

Domestic hydrogen production by an integrated biomass gasification/sponge iron process

zero emissions

Technical Analysis of a Dual-Fuel (Hydrogen and Gasoline) Extended Range Electric Vehicle for Component Selection and Design

zero waste

The New OPEC

zeta potential

Using Zeta Potential to Optimize the Water Clarification Process in a Full-Scale Water Production Facility

zinc oxide

Preparation of ZnO Nanowires for Solar Cells Aplicattion


From Synthesis Gas to a Clean Transportation Fuel Dimethyl Ether: New Nanocomposite Bifunctional Catalyst Pairs

Mesoporous Zirconia Supported Nickel Catalysts for Coke Minimization in Dry Reforming of Methane

zirconia aerogel

Zirconia Aerogel-Polyxometalate Composites Synthesis with Applications in Solid Oxide/Acid Fuell Cells


Simultaneous Desulfurization and Particulate Removal with ZnO Dispersed Ceramic Filters at High Temperatures

ZnO nanoraod

Postproduction Annealing Effect on Solar Cells Based on Polymer and Zinc Oxide Nanorod Composites

ZnO nanorod/nanotube

Biosensor for heavy metals using hydrothermally grown ZnO nanorod/nanotube and metal-binding peptides


Preparation of Photocatalytic Silicon Core-shell Nanoparticles Covered by ZnS Shell in Solid-Gas Reaction

ZrO2 modified TiO2/ZnO

Synthesis of Visible light Nanocomposites for H2 Production

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