SynCoal Technology Economically Reduces Emissions While Optimizing Existing Generating Capacity

synergistic effect energy density

High Energy Density Supercapacitor Based on a Hybrid Carbon Nanotube - Reduced Graphite Oxide Architecture

synergistic effects

A new model for toxicity of uranium dust


Methanol Production for Renewable Energy Storage and Distribution


Environmental CleanTechnology

From Biogas To Syngas Over Ni Incorporated Ca and Mg Based Hydrotalcite-Like Catalysts

From Synthesis Gas to a Clean Transportation Fuel Dimethyl Ether: New Nanocomposite Bifunctional Catalyst Pairs


Polymer Nanocomposites: Characterization, Applications

Polymer Nanocomposites: Structure, synthesis

Nanocrystalline NaBH4-enclathrated zeolite SOD: a model for the improvement of safeness and reactivity of boron hydride based hydrogen storage systems

Comparative Analysis for Pseudoboehmite Obtainded by Sol Gel Using Green Chemistry Expert System Sofware

synthesis & characterisatio

Novel Electrolytes for Supercapacitors

synthetic biology

Replacing Crude Oil by Renewable Sugar through a Cell-free Synthetic Biology Technology

synthetic fuel

Process Modeling Results of Bio-Syntrolysis: Converting Biomass to Liquid Fuel with High Temperature Steam Electrolysis

system approach

Clean Technology Requires a Systems Approach

system identification

Identification of Battery Models for Enhanced Battery Management

system integrated optimization for commercial HVAC

Industrial Application of Total Performance Oriented Retro-Commissioning

Optimizing HVAC Energy Efficiency Performance by Innovative Technologies

system integration

Impact of Biomass Based Distributed Generation on Electric Grid


High-Power-Density Miniscale Renewable Energy Systems

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