Interaction of Surface Modified Silica Nanoparticles with Clay Minerals


New Process for Production of Bio-Diesel from Vegetable Oil

sulfur iodine

Completion and Operation of the thermo-chemical water splitting sulfur iodine process in a lab scale plant for a continuous hydrogen production


Exploring the IR-limit of the Triplet-Triplet Annihilation Upconversion: Tetraaryltetraanthra[2,3]porphyrin - family


Single-Layer Ceramic Capacitors with low dielectric loss

super continuum laser

A Focused Super-Continuum Solar Simulator for Illuminated Solar Cell Microscopy

super entropy material

Amorphous Diamond Solar Cells


Study of model contaminants desorption from recycled PET in dry air and nitrogen atmosphere by thermogravimetric analysis


Supercapacitor like structure for micro-battery and radiation energy harvesting tile

Advanced p- and n-Dopable Polymer Supercapacitors

Optimization study of Supercapacitor electrode material composition and thickness for enhanced performance of the Supercapacitor

High Energy Density Supercapacitor Based on a Hybrid Carbon Nanotube - Reduced Graphite Oxide Architecture

High Performance Supercapacitors Based on Thermal Reduced Graphene Oxide

Architecturing Carbon Nanotube-based Flexible Solid State Supercapacitor


Use of Reticle Carbon in Supercapacitors

Pseudocapacitive random and aligned nano-porous electrode materials for supercapacitors

Synthesis and characterization of (polypyrrole/carbon) nanotubes/metal oxide composites for application as supercapacitors


Method of Liquid Inactivation by Supercritical Ozone

superconducting magnet

SMES MRI Device – Alternative for Ecological Energy Storage


Reclaimed Laminate Waste as Novel, Heat Transfer Enhancing, Encapsulation for Long-term PCM Heat Storage

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