A Study of Solar Radiation, Storage and Applications in Nigeria

steam reforming of metahne

Natural Gas in Syngas Conversion Over Nanosize Catalysts

steam regeneration

Advanced Materials and Process for CO2 Removal from Flue Gas


Bio Mass for CO2 Neutral Steel Production

Hydrogen-Steel Compatibility Research at NIST-Boulder

Nanotechnology in steel tubular goods: Challenges and Prospects

SUSTAINABLE steel production for the 2030s and beyond: the vision of the European Steel Technology Platform’s Strategic Research Agenda

steel substrate

Thin nanostructured solar cells on metal sheets

stimulated radiation

Real-time monitoring of pathogens and nanomarkers in water by resonance laser spectroscopy techniques


Direct Injection of Flue Gas into Coal Seams for Carbon Storage and Methane Production

Integrated, Renewable Distributed Generation w/ Storage

Theoretical Modeling of Phase Diagram of Clathrate Hydrates toward Hydrogen Storage Applications

BioGenerator – a Novel Bio-Technology for the Conversion of Hydrogen to Electricity

Rapid Hydrate Formation, A Process for Transport and Storage of Natural Gas

Large Scale Energy Storage with Thermal Matrix Energy Storage

Low-cost Transmission, Storage, and Integration for Renewable-source Energy: Hydrogen and Ammonia C-free Fuel Systems with Underground Pipelines, Salt Caverns, and Liquid NH3 Tanks

storage polymers

Polymer Nanocomposites: Characterization, Applications


Strain effect on the hydrogen storage capacity of graphite oxide


Renewable Energy Strategies for non-RPS States

Key Success Factors in supporting Clean Tech start-ups: a general framework and an Italian experience

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